What is GGR? It stands for "The Great Geek Refuge."  It was Mike's first website he created on his own. The Great Geek Refuge is like a sleepover at your best friend's house in middle school; You don't have to be afraid to admit you like comic books, that you secretly know every word to the dialogue of Empire Strikes Back, or that you teared up when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII. We can talk a big nerd game, but most of us were athletes at some point and we still love sports. We also are huge music fan. We cross-over like that. We're all friends here.

This is a place to get away from talking about work or school or anything other than what you really want to talk about. Hence the name "Refuge." Just remember this; All view points are respected and encouraged. Hate, ignorance and intolerance are not. Criticism is fine but like Doctor Bob, the famous New Orleans artist has posted on his property; “Be Nice or Leave.” We came up with our own version of this phrase, too. "Don't be a juicebag." 

Yes, we're nerds. We're also parents and that unique perspective will be explored as well. How does one still get to see all those comic book movies, TV shows, play video games and still be a decent parent? You'll get it all right here at the GGR Pop Culture Blog and GGR: Pirate Radio Podcast on ROCKDEEP ROGUE RADIO. 

What do we have for you? You can read some of our blog posts or you can listen to our podcasts! It's like a buffet: have a little of one, a little of the other or have it all. It is up to you :) 

The GGR Pop Culture Blog

GGR Pirate Radio

E-Pop with JDilla

JDilla is a modern pop culture expert: video games, the internet, movies, music and so much more so that she demands her own version of pop culture that we call E-Pop. As a professional gamer on Twitch, JDilla will talking to other gamers, musicians, and other creative people in the "e-pop" world. GGR welcomes another voice to our family, she's definitely not a "juicebag." Give her a listen :)