PEACE OF MIND - Interview with Jenn Michelle Pedini of NORML

Part 1 of Viv's interview with executive director of Virginia's NORML Jenn Michelle Pedini.   They discuss the upcoming marijuana Senate bill 111 that will push for decriminalization in Virginia. They also discuss the current medical marijuana laws and how expansion is being discussed and how you ca

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PEACE OF MIND - Native American Heritage Month Part 2

The second half of Viv's interview with Hope Butler of the Piscataway Tribe. Viv, Mike and Hope discuss the problems with the way Thanksgiving is celebrated, especially the historical narrative associated with it. 

Recorded live at the FXBG Pirate Radio Studios November 15th, 2017. 

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PEACE OF MIND - "Hemptober" Special

Viv does her "Hemptober" special. She has entrepreneur and founder of ROCKDEEP ROGUE RADIO Rocky Parrish. Later she is joined by Kyla Hill of and Jason Amatucci of the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition.  

Recorded at the FXBG Pirate Radio Studios in Fredericksburg, Va. 

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PEACE OF MIND with Vivian Perea - Premiere Episode!

 Viv's premiere episode! She has guests Rueben, Jeff and Alejandra to talk about DACA, those that are affected, and what you can do to get involved. The guests are Dreamers, activists, and they've put their bodies and freedom on the line. 

Recorded September 20th 2017 at the FXBG Pirate Radio Studios. 

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