This month is not only Breast Cancer Awareness month.  It is also Domestic Violence Awareness month.  With so many women and men suffering abuse, I want to take time out to raise awareness for this rising epidemic.  If you see something, say something.  Everyone can help in these situations.  Reach out and encourage someone who is in need of assistance to seek out help.  It is out there.  Now, let's take a look at this week's Thursday night matchup.




This is a difficult pick to make.  Just when you thought the Carolina Panthers were not up to par, in comes Cam Newton and a controversial story. Now he has found a new reason to play.  He has had 300+ yards passing in each of the past two games.  

The Eagles secondary is not all that great though and are going to have to stop Cam in order to stay in the contest. .  Carolina does not have a great running game which is an advantage for the Eagles.  Eagles QB Carson Wentz is making big plays, especially connecting with TE Zach Ertz.  We could be in store for a shootout.  The Panthers are going to try and stay on top of the NFC South as are the Eagles atop the NFC East.  Both teams offset each other in so many areas.  Because Cam has the potential to rush for yards and/or the occasional TD, the edge is going to go to the home team this week.  There it is, folks!


I hope that this week starts off well with your picks.  Remember to reach out and help anyone you think is in an abusive relationship.  The abuse does not have to be physical.  It could be verbal, economical, or mental.  Raise awareness for whatever cause you choose.  Good luck with your teams and picks.  




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