A Few Thoughts on Week 7 of College Football

Coming into this week I looked at the the match-ups for college football and I didn’t see anything that really excited me. Don’t get me wrong, I was going to soak up as much college football but with no ranked match-ups and Virginia Tech on a bye week, my college football interest was at about 75%. However, I should of known better because 7 ranked teams lost to unranked teams. So here are a few of my takeaways from this past weekend in college football and a look ahead.

Don’t Write off Clemson Quite Yet:


Easily, the biggest upset of the weekend was #2 Clemson losing to the newly appointed giant slayer Syracuse. Now, before we completely erase any hope of Clemson making it to the College Playoffs this year let's remember, Clemson lost to an unranked Pitt last season and was still able to make it to the Championship. That being said, this lost shouldn’t still be of great concern. Kelly Bryant suffered a concussion during the game and was already nursing an ankle injury. It does look rough for the Tigers but not impossible.


Who's out first?


Right now in the SEC there are two coaches who are on the hot seat. Those coaches being Butch Jones of Tennessee and Kevin Sumlin of Texas A&M. Both teams are not playing to their full potential. However, with Texas A&M winning a great away game in Florida and Tennessee losing 15-9 to South Carolina, it's looking worse for the Tennessee coach. In my opinion, Butch Jones is definitely out at the end of the season, but there is still hope for Kevin Sumlin.


Penn State......Welcome to the Jungle


Other than Alabama, I don’t think anyone was happier from the Clemson loss than Penn State fans. Moving up to #2 on a bye week is like finding a bonus curly fry in a basket of regular cut fries. That being said, Penn State is about enter probably the hardest three week stretch of anybody in the country. They play Michigan, Ohio State, and Michigan State all in a row. If Penn State can make it thru the next 3 weeks. They will control their own destiny getting into the Playoffs. So to borrow a phrase from Samuel L. Jackson, Penn State fans, hold onto your butts.


Roll Tide

Alabama will be in the National Championship again. Nothing more on that.


Don’t Let Miami Have the Last Drive


Back to Back weeks Miami has won the game with their last drive. They are building momentum and are dangerous. In my opinion the winner of the Miami vs Virginia Tech game on November 4th will decide who wins the coastal division. Wow, I almost went through a whole article without mentioning the Hokies. 



Early Playoff Predication

So after this week I want to give my very early and most likely will end up wrong predication for who will be playing in the playoffs at the end of the season. Here it is:

  1. Alabama
  2. Penn State
  3. TCU
  4. Clemson


Alabama is obvious. Even if they lose one of the next three games and still win out, I like the chances of Penn State making it. TCU only true test will be Oklahoma and I feel they will win that. I still have faith that Clemson can make it if they don’t have another loss. The only teams that could keep them out and take the #4 spot are Georgia, Ohio State, or Miami.


My week 8 preview will be coming out later this week! I hope everybody is enjoying this season as much as I have so far.