It's Monday night!!  

I am not sure what we expected in week 9, but as usual, some games were not as predictable as they seemed.  Tonight, one of the most storied rivalries in football plays out.  Both teams are struggling, so it is about even. Let's talk about it a bit and see who I ultimately pick.





What a rivalry!  There are so many stats one could throw out about these two teams and their play against each other over the years, but everyone knows that history changes as soon as it is made some times.  The Packers have a healthy team with the exception of Aaron Rodgers being out for the rest of the season.  The Lions are not living up to expectations on either side of the ball.  Historically, there is no way the Packers will lose two back to back games at Lambeau Field.  There is no way they will come out of a bye week with a loss.  The Lions have only won once at Lambeau.  ONCE!  History should be on the Packers side, but the way some of these games have been playing out, who knows, right?  Backup, now starting QB Brett Hundley, has had a chance to get a rhythm with the first team.  On the other hand, QB Matt Stafford, has not been playing up to the huge contract he signed at the beginning of the season.  LB Clay Matthews, for the Packers, has the defense stopping the run.  RB Ameer Abdullah, for the Lions, is underperforming and will have to play above what he has been playing in order to keep Detroit's offense on the scoreboard.  In a division rivalry so big and playoff hopes at stake, this will be a huge game for both teams.  Winner:

Green Bay Packers



I have only picked against the Packers once this season.  I think that they will get this win and pick up where Rodgers left them off.  What are your thoughts?  Good luck to your team and picks!



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