It is week 3 and the games keep getting interesting.  We are now looking at the Thursday night matchup between the L.A. Rams and the SF 49ers.  This is going to be a motivated game between both teams.  These are my thoughts on this desperate matchup.




The San Francisco 49ers have not scored a touchdown in the 2017 season. The Los Angeles Rams, in comparison have a total of 7 touchdowns thus far: 2 TDs from QB Goff, 2 from Gurley and 2 from their defense (with their other being running back Malcolm Brown's). That doesn't look good for the 9ers, but there is still time to turn their season around. As the talking heads love to say "that's why they play the games!"

What will winning this meeting boil down to?  For the Rams, it will hopefully mean they will go with the run game that helped them in the second half of the Washington Redskins game last week.  Look for running back Todd Gurley to make waves for the Rams to start the game.  The Rams will need to watch out for 49ers running back Carlos Hyde.  Hyde is coming off of a 124 yard, 15 carry game against Seattle.  Thus far in the season, they have been out-gained on the ground 304-160. Stats like this are not telling this early in the season, but it could explain more if trends like this continue. 

With Aaron Donald back for the Rams, this could make the 49ers running game a little difficult.  This could make it easier for quarterback, Jeff Goff, to get the job done.  The 49ers on the other hand, will need not only Hyde to have a productive game, but they will also need wide receivers, Pierre Garcon and Marquise Goodwin, to step up.  It is obvious that 49ers quarterback, Brian Hoyer, is having a hard time behind his offensive line.  He is going to need to make the adjustments to get the receiving core the ball.  Rams head coach, Sean McVay, is earning his players trust by owning up to the mistakes made by the team.  49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, is still putting together the squad his needs offensively to achieve success.  If the numbers mean anything, the 49ers, in the past two seasons, are 3-0 against the Rams.  The 49ers seem to be taking a healthy dose of "can't get right" and the Rams appear to be heading in some direction.  The Rams will pull this off and leave the 49ers still looking for their first win of the season.  


Folks, this is just the way I see it.  I make no guarantees.  How do you see it?  When in doubt, check Yo out.  Good luck to your team and your picks!