Let’s not even talk about yesterday’s games. A lot of teams should be still walking home, I know that. Almost every game was close. Was Oakland the biggest surprise win or was it Carolina losing yet again? A couple of teams have secured their slots for the post season. Was one of them yours? Tonight, these two squads are hoping to move on as well. This is my insight on how I see the last game of the week.



If any two teams needed a win this week, it would definitely be either one of these teams tonight. The Vikings cannot seem to stay consistent. They let the Patriots get the best of them last week. It could be that their offense has been figured out. Unfortunately, the VIkes defense is not quite what it used to be and is letting teams hang around too long. Seattle is keeping their heads above water. With a not so great defense to speak of and an offense depending on Russell Wilson too much, the Seahawks are still trying to extend their season. The difference between the two teams is that the ‘Hawks thrive in adverse situations. Minnesota has not fared well in those types of games. Injuries are plaguing the Vikings as well. Although the game should be a good one to watch, it will ultimately been won by the team that knows how to deal with being in a desperate situation.

Seattle Seahawks

This is my last best guess for the week. How did you do? Football gets so exciting at this time of the year. The weather changes. Each game becomes a WIN situation. Absolutely the best time of year. Good luck to your teams and picks!

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