I am so ashamed that I continue to choose Carolina every week! I guess I am a glutton for punishment. To get things started, my record last week was 10-6. There was no way I was expecting both New England and Pittsburgh to lose. Geez! Again, the theme for this week is WIN. If you want to extend your season, winning is the key. Hoping that other teams lose is another key. LOL! You have seen all of the scenarios by now. This is one of those games tonight that will be decisive in the post season. Get my thoughts on the game below.



Okay, this will be a game that has major implications for the Chargers. They will clinch a playoff berth. The Chiefs are looking to get home field advantage as well. A lot at stake here on both ends. Who will get their wish? This is going to be a tough one to choose. Los Angeles has been hot. They are 10-3. Kansas City is sitting at 11-2. Not much difference in these teams. The Chiefs lost Kareem Hunt and will have Tyreek Hill back for this game. How will that translate for the Chiefs offense? It brings a target back for Patrick Mahomes to throw to. Los Angeles has a healthy group of players around the veteran Phillip Rivers. Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen are popular targets for the experienced quarterback. Will it be the back and forth like the Chiefs and Rams? Not really. Do not look for the high scoring of that game to be present in this one. A toss up is what this game might end up being. If the Chargers can get on track early and not let the game get away, they come away with the win.

Los Angeles Chargers

First pick of the week is in. Tell me what you think. It will definitely be a good one. Good luck to your teams and picks!

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I am not sure if I have ever seen a week when so many games were won by three points or less. With all of those close games, you just had to know that there would be upsets or near losses. I am very afraid to tally up for the week. Let’s talk about tonight’s game for a minute. So, this game was supposed to be played in Mexico. The field conditions were awful. The NFL moved the game to Los Angeles. Ok, no big deal, right? Except what about the fans? I believe they are getting reimbursed for tickets. They are not getting refunded for travel. Season ticketholders could claim their seats and four more before the general public was able to buy them last Wednesday. On top of that, complimentary tickets were made available to first responders and victims of the wildfires in California. Since both teams were training/practicing in Denver, Colorado, they asked to play the game there. The NFL rejected their request. So, off to L.A. they go. Whew! Now, I can get into the game.



Both teams have a loss. One to the New England Patriots. The other to the New Orleans Saints. Quality losses, if you can call losses quality. Both teams have high octane offenses. Since that is a known fact, it will surely come to defense. The Kansas City defense is ranked 20th in the league. Not good when you are going up against an offense that almost mirrors yours in Los Angeles. The Rams often get out to a slow start. This will allow a shoot out for a majority of the game. The Rams defense, with Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, will put a stop to things later in the game with pressure on Patrick Mahomes that the Chiefs offensive line will not be able to handle. Football fans are looking forward to an explosive game. No better game for a Monday night under the lights.

Los Angeles Rams

My best guess has been given! Cannot wait to see how it turns out. What do you all think? Good luck to your teams and picks!

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