The Shows

ROGUE SPORTS with Yo and Meeka is a chance for you to hear about sports with some ROGUE RADIO flare. Are you tired of the same old, tired "hot takes" from sports radio and TV? Then you came to the right place, Yolanda Harvey and Tamika Rector don't pull their punches. The ROCKDEEP ROGUE RADIO crew are knowledgeable about sports and the lifestyle around it but will not be spouting those played out statements. We're true to our name: we go ROGUE about sports, too. 

REAL LIFE with J. Lee is a relationship show that talks about the things most other shows won't touch. Host Jeremy Lee is not afraid to speak his mind and neither are his frequent guests, Mike and Viv from the Newsfeed. As a single father, J. speaks from the viewpoint of life experience. While fun and often times hilarious, the show also tackles hard-hitting topics as well with the intent of helping those who listen. After all, this is REAL LIFE.


The 2N1 Podcast is a show where we talk about all things that are going on from sports to what is going on locally in the DMV to things that are happening in pop culture. Nothing is off limits! This show is hosted by Dave Thomas aka D.E.T. and Rogue Sports own Yolanda Harvey and Tamika Rector.


PEACE OF MIND is hosted by Vivian Perea. With her passions for social justice, politics, freedom and love, Viv takes bold topics and breaks them down with the help of subject matter experts. Her goal is for everyone to know how we progress towards a more educated and understanding society.